Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Restoration technician in full PPE

Protection is crucial

Do not be alarmed if our water restoration technicians respond to your loss in full personal protective equipment. In the world of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) our crews will take steps to insure that they are protected before entering into your home or business. It is also to protect you. Obviously, if someone on our team is affected they will not be working but there are situations when someone could be asymptomatic and are showing no signs. No matter what the situation, we will ensure that everyone is protected in accordance with the CDC.

Whether you experience water damage, fire damage, mold damage or need a Coronavirus Disinfect, SERVPRO of Lake Charles can handle the job.

water damaged drywall

Water Damaged Drywall

Have you ever wondered if you have a water leak?  Water damage shows itself differently on every surface.  On drywall there is discoloration and eventually with too much water for too long it will disintegrate and make a hole in the drywall.  In this picture the water is right next to an light which houses electricity.  Special care has to be taken dealing with electricity and water!

SERVPRO of Lake Charles can help your home or business if you ever have water damage.

Wood Floor Damage

Water that has covered hardwood floors in a home. If not removed within hours or a day, results in the cupping shown in this photo will occur. SERVPRO of Lake Charles responds promptly to achieve this water extraction during the window of opportunity to mitigate harm. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.



The water had sat too long causing the sub floor to get wet and warp. Quick mitigation could have saved the tile and the homeowner would not have had to make an insurance claim.

Commercial Water Damage

When water damage strikes your business, you need to contact SERVPRO of Lake Charles right away. Our trained and certified specialists use industrial-grade dehumidifiers, high-speed air movers, and monitoring equipment to dry your commercial property. Our specialists will work swiftly and efficiently to restore your property to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Saving Wood Floors

Along with our quick response time and the use of specialty equipment like our Rescue Drying Mats. We have the ability to save REAL wood floors and cut down on replacement. Therefore saving time and money for our customers.