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ozone machine

Commercial smoke deodorization

If commercial smoke damage struck this Lake Charles business we are here to help. When you have a situation where the odor is quite strong SERVPRO of Lake Charles will consult to see if there is a remedy. When our technicians are met with odor problems from fire damage or cigarette smoke damage one of the remedies available is to use an ozone machine as shown here to clean the air of the odor.

fire damaged business

Commercial Fire Damage

SERVPRO of Lake Charles can get you back up and running if your business has suffered a fire. From deep cleaning to odor control and reconstruction we can provide a turn key service. 

man shaking another mans hand

SERVPRO of Lake Charles: Commercial Restoration Specialist

SERVPRO of Lake Charles are Southwest Louisiana's commercial restoration specialist. Whether is is fire damage, water damage or mold remediation we can restore any size business to preloss condition.

emergency ready profile logo

Protect your business with a free Emergency Ready Profile

The Emergency Ready Profile that we offer at SERVPRO of Lake Charles, also known as the ERP (you may have heard us talk about this).  Is a FREE service we provide? We will come into your commercial building and provide a file that has all of your emergency contact information including locations of the gas/water shut offs. 

This profile takes us about an hour to complete including detailed photographs of water shut offs, gas mains, building accessibility and with just a few simple questions we need you to answer including, building contact, maintenance personnel, plumber,  HVAC, phone company, etc.

This profile is also accessible through your cell phone using a mobile application.   Like I said before "IT'S FREE", so why not take this opportunity and be ready for any disaster? 

Call us and take advantage today!

customers contents covered in visquene

Taking steps to keep things clean

SERVPRO of Lake Charles takes steps to insure that we do not create a second mess. In this example we are doing duct cleaning at a local business and made sure to maintain a level of cleanliness by draping the furniture in visqueen plastic sheeting. The goal is that these plastic sheets act as, sort of, drop clothes for the clients or customers contents. Later, once the primary service has been completed we simply remove the plastic sheeting whereby the remnants of the job will fall to the floor to be swept up and finally mopped.

Whether you experience fire damage, water damage or mold remediation and duct cleaning call SERVPRO of Lake Charles. 

Falling Ceiling

In this commercial space, water damage that came from the roof caused a lot of issues with the walls, floors and furniture.  SERVPRO of Lake Charles arrived on the scene and immediately started clearing debris and evaluating the degree of moisture in the space.  Our team began drying the area and monitoring it daily until it was dry.