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2020 Hurricane Forecast: Above-Average Intensity

Because of warm seas and favorable weather patterns, this Atlantic hurricane season could include a greater-than-average number of major hurricanes.

SERVPRO of Lake Charles is HERE TO HELP Southwest Louisiana. 

SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team trailer

SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team

SERVPRO of Lake Charles is ready for an above average storm season. AccuWeather predicts the hurricane season, which officially begins June 1, will bring 14 to 18 tropical storms, seven to nine of which could become hurricanes and two to four could strengthen into major hurricanes, according to AccuWeather

Water Restoration technician in full PPE

Protection is crucial

Do not be alarmed if our water restoration technicians respond to your loss in full personal protective equipment. In the world of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) our crews will take steps to insure that they are protected before entering into your home or business. It is also to protect you. Obviously, if someone on our team is affected they will not be working but there are situations when someone could be asymptomatic and are showing no signs. No matter what the situation, we will ensure that everyone is protected in accordance with the CDC.

Whether you experience water damage, fire damage, mold damage or need a Coronavirus Disinfect, SERVPRO of Lake Charles can handle the job.

Coronavirus Clean Hands Graphic

Steps to take in fighting the Coronavirus

SERVPRO of Lake Charles likes to keep our community educated.

Department of Health and Senior Services Director Randall Williams said the best protection from infection and spreading the virus is frequent hand washing with soap and water. Health officials also want people to avoid touching their eyes and nose with unwashed hands.

dryer fire

Dryer Fire Damage in Lake Charles Home

SERVPRO of Lake Charles responded to a dryer fire which caused damaged throughout the home. The soot and odor required a level of restoration which SERVPRO is quite comfortable with. Our technicians are trained to meticulously clean every surface and the homes contents. 

Kitchen after reconstruction

Rebuilding a kitchen

SERVPRO of Lake Charles specializes in mitigation and restoration work but what many do not know is the we also provide reconstruction after the restoration process has been completed. This kitchen suffered fire damage. We were able to get it put back together. The customer was quite pleased with the results.

ozone machine

Commercial smoke deodorization

If commercial smoke damage struck this Lake Charles business we are here to help. When you have a situation where the odor is quite strong SERVPRO of Lake Charles will consult to see if there is a remedy. When our technicians are met with odor problems from fire damage or cigarette smoke damage one of the remedies available is to use an ozone machine as shown here to clean the air of the odor.

water damaged drywall

Water Damaged Drywall

Have you ever wondered if you have a water leak?  Water damage shows itself differently on every surface.  On drywall there is discoloration and eventually with too much water for too long it will disintegrate and make a hole in the drywall.  In this picture the water is right next to an light which houses electricity.  Special care has to be taken dealing with electricity and water!

SERVPRO of Lake Charles can help your home or business if you ever have water damage.

ozone generator

Ozone Generator

SERVPRO of Lake Charles understands how important it is to remove odors from your home or business after you experience fire damage. After you remove the visible damage it is time to mitigate the smell. We use a ozone generator to break down odor molecules. 

fire damaged business

Commercial Fire Damage

SERVPRO of Lake Charles can get you back up and running if your business has suffered a fire. From deep cleaning to odor control and reconstruction we can provide a turn key service. 

man shaking another mans hand

SERVPRO of Lake Charles: Commercial Restoration Specialist

SERVPRO of Lake Charles are Southwest Louisiana's commercial restoration specialist. Whether is is fire damage, water damage or mold remediation we can restore any size business to preloss condition.

SERVPRO van in front of a house

SERVPRO of Lake Charles: Here to Help

SERVPRO of Lake Charles is here to help your community. Because we are from Southwest Louisiana we have a vested interest in getting your business back up and running quickly. If you have fire damage, water damage or need mold remediation give us a call today!

technicians unloading equipment from a truck

Disaster Recovery Team

When a major storm affects southwest Louisiana SERVPRO of Lake Charles can mobilze the Disaster Recovery Team to provide a quick response. They can support us at a moments notice.

faster to disaster graphic

SERVPRO of Lake Charles: Faster to any size disaster

Because SERVPRO of the leader in the restoration industry we are faster to any size disaster. This is always an advantage when your home or business is in trouble. Let us get to work!

debris on road after a storm

SERVPRO of Lake Charles can help your business after a flood

When it comes to water damage, it can cost you more if you ignore it.  Most homeowners and business owners only think of the costs of replacing products, equipment and personal property.  But what about those other costs?  You also have to consider costs that you might pay such as rent, loans, wages, etc. Not to mention your business would lose operating profit from not being open and the inconvenience of having to relocate. 

SERVPRO of Lake Charles specializes in water-related cleanup and restoration services.  We have completed numerous restoration projects in the Southwest Louisiana.  Our technicians are thoroughly trained both on-site as well as classroom instruction on restoration best practices. 

servpro fire damage cleaning crew

When fire damage strikes, SERVPRO of Lake Charles strikes back!

SERVPRO of Lake Charles is there quickly when fire damage occurs

When disaster strikes, SERVPRO of Lake Charles strikes back. If you have suffered fire damage at your house or business you need a company that you can rely on, someone that you can trust to see the job done in accordance with industry standards and someone that is dependable. 

SERVPRO of Lake Charles is ready to respond quickly to a call for fire damage cleanup. Our crews are expertly trained in how to cleanup after a fire and the SERVPRO chemical choices are so good they are beyond compare. 

Call us if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need to schedule an appointment.

emergency ready profile logo

Protect your business with a free Emergency Ready Profile

The Emergency Ready Profile that we offer at SERVPRO of Lake Charles, also known as the ERP (you may have heard us talk about this).  Is a FREE service we provide? We will come into your commercial building and provide a file that has all of your emergency contact information including locations of the gas/water shut offs. 

This profile takes us about an hour to complete including detailed photographs of water shut offs, gas mains, building accessibility and with just a few simple questions we need you to answer including, building contact, maintenance personnel, plumber,  HVAC, phone company, etc.

This profile is also accessible through your cell phone using a mobile application.   Like I said before "IT'S FREE", so why not take this opportunity and be ready for any disaster? 

Call us and take advantage today!

a technician cleaning ducts

Duct cleaning is a job we love!

If you were to ask a homeowner or business owner when was the last time you had your HVAC and Duct Systems cleaned,they would probably say they don't remember.That's a very common reply,and most people don't realize the health hazard that they are at risk with. Without you realizing the source of the problems dirty duct work can contribute to heightened allergies and headaches. We at SERVPRO of Lake Charles will do a free inspection to determine the severity of your system and take you through each step to ensure that we will complete the task in a most professional manner. Our workmanship is excellent and our reputation is superb in this and other areas. Your breathing will improve once we complete our job.

Give us a call today to start breathing better!

radar image of a tropical storm

Tropical Storm Imelda

Like many storms, Imelda dumped up to ten inches of rain on southwest Louisiana. We responded accordingly by setting up a command center to field all the incoming calls and assign them to crews servicing the Lake Charles area.

Also, like many storms, we were quickly reminded that since SERVPRO of Lake Charles is the premiere disaster recovery and restoration company in southwest Louisiana we are looked to as the level headed leaders.

This is were we shine brightest. Prioritizing the necessary response to areas more heavily affected and maintaining a supply line with corporate is a juggling act that we gladly accept!

Whether it's water damage, fire damage or mold remediation call us if you need emergency assistance.

burned and charred contents

Fire damaged contents can be salvaged

Experiencing fire damage can be an overwhelming and emotional experience.  Even in cases of small fires that are contained quickly, the smoke produced can cause residual damage throughout an entire household.  In more serious and unfortunate cases, most or all of a property and its contents are damaged or destroyed.

SERVPRO of Lake Charles has restored many homes and the contents within. We are a full service fire restoration company ready to handle your restoration’s every need from emergency board ups to reconstruction.

If you have experienced a fire in your home or business please do not hesitate to call.

customers contents covered in visquene

Taking steps to keep things clean

SERVPRO of Lake Charles takes steps to insure that we do not create a second mess. In this example we are doing duct cleaning at a local business and made sure to maintain a level of cleanliness by draping the furniture in visqueen plastic sheeting. The goal is that these plastic sheets act as, sort of, drop clothes for the clients or customers contents. Later, once the primary service has been completed we simply remove the plastic sheeting whereby the remnants of the job will fall to the floor to be swept up and finally mopped.

Whether you experience fire damage, water damage or mold remediation and duct cleaning call SERVPRO of Lake Charles. 

female employee sitting at desk

Lori, SERVPRO of Lake Charles' office mama

Whether it's fire damage, water damage or mold remediation, a successful restoration company needs someone that keeps everyone on task and holds them accountable to the schedule. At SERVPRO of Lake Charles we have Lori. She has been with us for many years and understands the day to day processes better than anyone. She is also our estimator, which means that she not only knows where you are and when you should be there but also what services you are performing and how they are to be applied in the estimate for the insurance company! 

Office mamas are EXTREMELY necessary! They have the power to shame you into submission as well as embrace you in warmth when you do good!

Wood Floor Damage

Water that has covered hardwood floors in a home. If not removed within hours or a day, results in the cupping shown in this photo will occur. SERVPRO of Lake Charles responds promptly to achieve this water extraction during the window of opportunity to mitigate harm. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.


Commercial Storm Damage

Storm damage in Lake Charles can hit hard causing large losses and power outages. When conventional power is not available or sufficient SERVPRO of Lake Charles can bring a mounted portable generator. Pictured is a commercial-sized trailer mounted generator. Call SERVPRO of Lake Charles for all your storm damage needs.  Call 337-478-1133

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning carpets SERVPRO of Lake Charles has a lot of experience. Cleaning your carpets will help extend the life of the carpet and give your clients the best experience with your company.


The water had sat too long causing the sub floor to get wet and warp. Quick mitigation could have saved the tile and the homeowner would not have had to make an insurance claim.


This fire in a commercial building caused volumes of smoke that deposited a thick residue on all surfaces.  The need for replacement of fire-damaged items was minimal.  The task, which can be readily accomplished by SERVPRO of Lake Charles technicians, is to mitigate the effects of the smoke-both the staining and odor.

Commercial Water Damage

When water damage strikes your business, you need to contact SERVPRO of Lake Charles right away. Our trained and certified specialists use industrial-grade dehumidifiers, high-speed air movers, and monitoring equipment to dry your commercial property. Our specialists will work swiftly and efficiently to restore your property to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”


The team here at SERVPRO of Lake Charles is very knowledgeable in carpet cleaning. We use a heated truck mount with hot water extraction.  We can clean residential and commercial buildings.  We can also clean restaurants after hours in order for them to not have an interruption in service.  Call us today for a free estimate.  Call 337-478-1133.

Our Team

This is our team here at SERVPRO of Lake Charles. We were enjoying some much needed time away from the office.  All of our team members go over and beyond the call o duty in order to meet our customers needs.  Give us a call today at 337-478-1133. 

Falling Ceiling

In this commercial space, water damage that came from the roof caused a lot of issues with the walls, floors and furniture.  SERVPRO of Lake Charles arrived on the scene and immediately started clearing debris and evaluating the degree of moisture in the space.  Our team began drying the area and monitoring it daily until it was dry.


This bathroom was affected from a fire in a customer's home.  SERVPRO of Lake Charles is knowledgeable in cleaning a home after a fire occurs.  Our team is also ready to salvage furniture and other belongings that the customer does not want to loose such as family heirlooms.  If you have questions, please give us a call today at 337-478-1133.

Saving Wood Floors

Along with our quick response time and the use of specialty equipment like our Rescue Drying Mats. We have the ability to save REAL wood floors and cut down on replacement. Therefore saving time and money for our customers.